Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off, and after you touch it at any time.Make sure it covers both your nose, mouth and chin.When you take off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag, and every day either wash it if it’s a fabric mask, or dispose of a medical mask in a trash bin. Don’t use masks with valves


Select your kinds of activities
EXPERIENCE at giri wanara camping resort
yoga giri wanara
Yoga Activities

Yoga is actually a body and mind exercise. The benefits of yoga not only help the body to be fresher and fitter, but can also help control stress and reduce anxiety. Yoga with us.

traditional dance giri wanara
Traditional Dance Class

Traditional dance is a cultural art that needs to be preserved. We opened a traditional dance class open to all people. The class by appointment only. 60" minutes include drink & snack IDR 150.000 per pax

tindak lepen giri wanara
Tindak Lepen

Tindak Lepen or known as river cruising, its requires maximum physical endurance. Our Tindak Lepen have 3 levels of distance. prepare your energy. The trip usually start at 06.30 local time, its approximately 90" minutes IDR 75.000 per pax include drink & snack.

EXPERIENCE at giri wanara camping resor
kamar giri wanara yogyakarta

Special Offer 

Special  julicious


BUY 1 IDR 1.250k

BUY 2 IDR 2.250k


BUY 1 IDR 950k

BUY 2 IDR 1.710k

Booking period all July 2021
Stay period all July 2021
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kamar giri wanara
glamping giri wanara
NEW camping procedures

  1. First, Prepare the date
    Second, Make reservation & payment soon.
  1. Third, Prepare Your Cloths.
  1. Fourth, Bring your camera / video.
  1. Fifth, Check-in at Giri Wanara.
  1. Sixth, Enjoy Your Campcation.
    Seventh, Let Your Mind Fresh.
  2. Eigth, Bring Go Home Your Happiness.
  3. .

our featured story
About giri wanara Glamping Resort
story giri wanara
Our area never ending footsteps

We are i which really upholds the diversity of the universe. 

Travel to us

From jogjakarta you can reach us by vehicle for about 1 hour and a half

Our most incredible moments to share

You can share your experience living here. we will be happy to assist you

Airport near here

Airport YIA in Kulon progo - 75 km

Airport JOG in Yogyakarta - 43 km

Airport SOC in Surakarta - 75 km

our food experience
giri bujana restaurant
breakfast menu may be diffrent during ramadan
IDR 400K
Indonesia A
Serve in tent or joglo

Bubur, Gudeg Nangka, Sambel Krecek, Pindang Telor, Ayam Areh, Gado-gado, Mendoan, Serabi, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Juice, Mineral Water

Tea & Coffee

Java B
serve in glamping

Nasi Merah, Terancam, Oseng Daun Pepaya, Baceman, Karak, Lodeh Tempe, Jajanan Pasar, 

Fresh Fruits, Fresh Juice, Mineral Water

Tea & Coffee

Indonesia B
serve in glamping

Nasi Putih, Serabi, Soto Betawi, Karedok, Tempe goreng, Emping, Sambel, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Juice, Mineral Water

Tea & Coffee

Continental A
serve in glamping

Salad Sayur, Roti Tawar, Croisant, Danish, Cereal, Telur Rebus, Jam Batter, Jam Selai, Fresh Milk, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Juice, Mineral Water, Tea & Coffee

Java A
serve in glamping

Soup Senereg, Tempe Goreng, Jajan pasar, Sambel Gepeng, Ayam Bethak, Ati Sambel Ijo, Karak, Gudangan, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Juice, Mineral Water, Tea & Coffee

Continental B
Serve in tent or joglo

Salad Sayur, Omelet, Kentang Goreng, Smoked Beef, Grilled Tomato, Baked Bean, Garlic Bread, Saussage,  Sereal, Fresh Milk, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Juice, Mineral Water, Tea & Coffee